Saturday, May 31, 2014


Wikichucks, "The Personal Wiki With The Awful Name," is a windows-based desktop wiki. It is written in Autohotkey, and it works, that is, the exe file works, while the ahk file throws an error about a duplicate label.

I have only begun playing with iWiikichucks!, but I am impressed—and, as you might have gathered, if you read many of my posts, I am not easily impressed! You just extract the directory from the downloaded zip file, and click on wikichuch.exe. It needs no installation, and it does not write to the registrry. But MS Internet Explorer needs to be installed.

Links are inserted by enclosing a word or phrase in doubel square brackets, like so: This is a [[Free link]].

While it is not for the faint of heart, it is extremely customizable. The first thing I did was to get rid of the awful header. The second thing was to change the markup for italics ('') and bold ('''') to ConnectedText's markup ("//" and "**"). It was as easy as replacing those expressions in the wiki.ini.markdown page. You could also allow to have several kinds of markup by leaving both conventions.[1] Any other markup, like Markdown's "*" and "**" would also do. Some of the other things, like headers, etc. Are also customizable. I will say more about my adventures with this desktop wiki in the future.

1. The formatting section looks just like this:

FORMATTING **********************************
MARKDOWN,....,<center> ,</center>

would allow for the Markdown convention for italics as well. The author's use of "markdown" for "wiki markup" might be a bit confusing for those who expect Gruber's Markdown.

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