Saturday, June 7, 2014

Inherent Advantages of Mead Three-Subject Notebooks?

Michael Leddy has an interesting post on Roger Angell's use of Mead Notebooks. I have never liked these. They are to big for my tastes, and I very much dislike that they are wirebound. All sorts of things get stuck in the wires and the pages fray easily in my experience. That being said, I think this just goes to show that note-taking is just as much a matter of habituation as eating. You tend to like what you grew up with, and their is not much else that can be said about this—as far as I am concerned. Growing up in Germany, i found wirebound notebooks weren't very common, if they existed at all. I think they offer no advantages over composition books.

No further comment!


Manuel Simoni said...

One advantage of wirebound is that you can fold the book completely flat, like this

MK said...

Yes, that true, but clumsy me manages to get his shirt sleeves caught up every once in a while. For papers that are completely flat, I prefer circa notebooks whose pages can be taken out.