Saturday, June 7, 2014


Ted Nelson has finally released Xanadu—sort of. He thinks that the "Web trivialized this original Xanadu model, vastly but incorrectly simplifying these problems to a world of fragile ever-breaking one-way links, with no recognition of change or copyright, and no support for multiple versions or principled re-use. Fonts and glitz, rather than content connective structure, prevail." OpenXanadu is a working model of the system. You can try it out on that Website. I did, but I cannot say that it changed my life. It did not even seem that appealing to me. Yes, you can see the link, but ConnectedText's Graphs allow you to do the same thing, and they do not get in the way like the "connective structure" in the working model.

I hope I am not unfair. Perhaps what counts is "under the hood."

No further comment!

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Alessandro said...

well, from what I remember reading about Xanadu (I could remember wrong), the important point was the two-way link from one document on my machine to another one on your machine - I doubt we could setup CT to do that...