Saturday, July 12, 2014


There is a new cross-platform wiki software called Scribbleton, The Little Personal Wiki. It's in alpha, that is, not even beta. The developer claims that he is making the program available early to bring us "a top-quality cross-platform product." It is a personal wiki that saves a document to the hard drive. I found it irresistible, downloaded it, and played around with it. Scribbleton seems to allow for common formatting and linking of entries.

I say "seems," as I immediately encountered problems with making a word bold, could not delete a page that was created by accident, and could not find any keyboard shortcuts. But more importantly, in my view, when I tried to fix this problem, I encountered a message to the effect that the trial version allows only for a maximum of three, yes ... 3, links. You have to buy the alpha product for $10.00 in order to "support" further development.

This approach is not just a bit cheeky. It also seems to be counter-productive for the developer. You just cannot get a sense of the program with three links. And I wonder how many people are willing to pay $10.00 (per user) on something that may never even see beta. Nor does it inspire confidence in the developer who seems to have little or no interest in his possible customers.

The pro looks good, but I have already removed it from my computer. Nor is it likely that I will ever take another look at it. Perhaps some readers of this blog can tell me how it progresses.


Kev said...

Dire approach, which send a shiver of disgust through user networks. A big push towards us ignoring future development.

Anonymous said...

Just downloaded the alpha-version and didn't experience the problems you mentioned -- I also created more than three links. Someone over there seems to read your blog. If this tool is really useful for me is another question -- I'd like markdown and flexible ways of linking (e.g. [[xxx]]-links, so that I could important my txt-database).
- jan