Saturday, December 6, 2014

Quick Word Writer

I recently came across Quick Word Writer in the Apple App Store. It is advertised as "the powerful word processor for OS X. An intuitive interface, powerful writing tools, and unmatched compatibility make it the choice of serious writers everywhere." The developer is obviously Chinese (Trongx Trading).

What intrigues me most is that it is supposed to do footnotes and endnotes. While $29.99 is cheap for a word processor, it is too much for me to just waste. I know nothing more about the application than that you can buy it through the App Store and that it promises to be good. But I have been burned before.

Does anyone know anything more about this application?


Michael Leddy said...

Looking at the App Store reviews of their other apps makes it easy to pass up this one. Notice the four names that repeat: EdgyTeddy, et al.

I would wonder too: do the screenshots show real documents, or are they Photoshop creations? The Ice Age page looks like a Google Translate version of an IMDb page: “Facing with a daily warming weather, animal are dance for joy.”

MK said...

I also found the screenshots and the comments suspicious!