Friday, December 12, 2014


I have been using a minimalist to do program for a while. It's called TodoTextMac. A fuller description is found here. If you would like an explanation of the principles behind TodoTxt, I recommend this Web site or the Web site by the originator of the format.

TodoTxtMac is of course for the Mac. You can also get an application for the iPad, called Todo.txt Touch, for Windows (Todour), as well as for many platforms. I have only used the mac and the Windows version. They work well, and their files are fully compatible with each other.

The basis idea goes back to Gina Trapani, and it started out as a very sparse command line application. I like simple, but find the original version a bit too sparse. TodoTxtMac and Todour hit the sweet spot for me.

Oh ... and did I mention that the applications are free?


Anonymous said...

I was a long time Remember the Milk user, but converted about a year ago to Apple's Reminders app. The main attraction for me was the ease of syncing across my various Apple devices and the ability to use Siri on my iPhone to create tasks on the fly. I was able to set up about as much of a GTD format as I need by having different Reminders lists organized by context (e.g., Office, Home, Errands, Grocery Shopping) and creating a default list called "Inbox." The other big selling point for me was organizing certain tasks by location (i.e., when I get near my the university library it reminds me to go grab a few books that I need).

MK said...

The locations feature sounds interesting. I will try it.