Saturday, January 24, 2015


Quiky is a very rudimentary wiki app. It is available for Window, as well as iPod Touch and iPhone), and the Android.[1] It does not do much. Basically, it allows you to create and edit pages, and then to link it, using free links (double brackets). No fancy formatting. In fact, no formatting at all. (Nothing wrong with that, as it makes no claim that it can format.) Accordingly, the interface is minimal (both in edit and view mode).[2]

In order to save a page in the Windows version, you press on the save button (Win+S will also work). Apparently on the iOS version, it saves automatically after 5 seconds. I have found no shortcut for the view mode.

Search is non-existent, so it is obviously not designed for large wikis. Nor is it a large application. The download of the last version is only 85 kB.

Is it ugly? No, I agree with the developer: "it's rather just simple, I tried the same approach, as with the app. The website is in fact web-based Quiky. In the future, users will be able to edit their wikis here.It's already in working stage, but only for a single user." He follows "the KISS approach ("Keep It Simple, Stupid!"), so I defined a roadmap with a few features in every new version." And that's fine with me.

The developer promises that in the future, Quiky wikis will be able to be edited from the Website as well. Don't know whether that is important to me! What is more important is that "Wikis are available for download to / upload from a desktop app via iTunes File Share feature." This means that you can sync your desktop and your iPad. The files are just txt, though the names have the expression "%20" for spaces in their names, like "Third%trial.txt". The files import unproblematically into an application like ConnectedText, but the name remains something like "Third%trial.txt". I haven't made up my mind whether this is good or bad. I obviously am thinking of using Quiky as a complement for ConnectedText on the iPad, and it might be good that the topics imported from Quiky are clearly identifiable. That way, they won't over-write anything important. And it should be easy to rename them.

I like Quiky just because it is rudimentary, but I know that some people might dislike it for that very reason.

1. Apparently, the iPad version is not quite ready. I hope it will be soon.
2. I am looking here at the Windows application. For iPhone screen shots, see here.

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