Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wikety Widget

I don't know who uses Dashboard these days. I have never really used it. But I did find a Wiki widget for it recently. It is called "Wikety Widget." Apparently, it was the "winner of the first Apple Dashboard Widget Contest." It is "a simple wiki coded by [[Michael Robinette]]. It is advertised as "a personal notepad with automatic linking. Using a simple notebook-style interface, WikityWidget lets you easily jot down and organize notes with hypertext links so they’re easy to find and instantly available via the Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard. It applies Wiki technology in a new and interesting way on the Mac and demonstrates the powerful potential of widgets to leverage technologies in Tiger." The UserInterface is written entirely in JavaScript + XHTML/CSS and the storage is provided by a WebKit plugin which wraps SQLite3 ( )." Somewhere I found the claim that WikityWidget stores its data in an SQLite database located at ~/Library/Application Support/inkling./inkling.db, but I cannot find it there (which may have to do with my setup).[1]

You can download it from here: Am I going to use it? Probably not.

1. See also "WikityWidget uses a native code plug-in to create a Javascript bridge to SQLite in Mac OS X Tiger, which ensures reliability, high performance, large capacity, and adds functionality such as “Search As You Type”. The user interface is rendered using the advanced CSS features of WebKit, and takes advantage of the built-in, high quality, anti-aliased fonts in Tiger. Its strong technical execution, clean interface design and interesting use of Tiger technologies demonstrates the unlimited potential of Dashboard widgets."

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