Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Carbon Copy Cloner

I seem to be out of the woods (after more than 20 hours). Carbon Copy Cloner was the answer. I now have a bootable copy of the SSD drive on the MacIntosh HD. I am on the 30 day trial, but I will buy it. Time machine may be enough for files and directories, but it is not sufficiently reliable for restoring the entire system. I will use Carbon Copy Cloner for weekly backups. It costs $39.99.

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Perry Stearns said...

After a recent attempt to "upgrade" my mid 2009 (or something) macbookpro ended in 48+ hours of tedious time-wasting without so much as a single word of warning or any hint of a work-around from the corporate-droids at APPL (still had easy web access via an iPad) I am seething. Like yourself, Windows drove me to Apple within months of the first macosx release. The choice then was a no-brainer. Windows being Windows, I had already increasingly found myself reinstalling tools like Linux simulators, such as, Cygwin (if memory doesn't fail me) after each disk reformatting, every 3 or 4 months as I recall. So I was primed for a 'unixy' alternative. Fast-forward. Now, thanks to Mavwrecks the OS, I performed my first ever APPL disk reformat in 15 years. Time Machine backup to a LaCie 'rugged' portable drive saved my arse, this time.

My current box's data/directory-trees have probably been "migrated" three (?) times by now from prior laptops. But that is zero-excuse for Apple's new behavior. I have unleashed my subconscious on the whole miserable experience and a potential solution has started to be licked into shape. I hesitate to give specifics as I have not actually dared try it, and probably won't until I have another laptop up and running, but I strongly suspect it will require 'major-surgery' on the 'unixy' heart-and-soul of my box. My thought is to strip away the thousands of bits of unixy-chmod+x-of-pipeable-goodness (hundreds of them mine) soon after a fresh Time Machine backup until nothing but a skeleton or the former directory-tree remains. Re-enter Upgrade hell. Then manually 're-migrate' the directory-trees back into MavWrecks and slowly restore/save whatever Xcode will allow. In short, months of interruptions, untold thumb-twiddles waiting for new source code downloads and recompiles, as each previously working bit of functionality gets retuned after it is randomly found wanting. Will it work? WTFKs, but I'm mad enough now to have had the veil pulled from my eyes. What new possibilities do I see ? A purpose-built Linux-box. Something I have begun to research for the first time in 15 years.

MacOSX is no longer the unquestioned default for me. When I switched to MacOSX it was probably because even with the literal pile of PC hardware at hand I still wouldn't of been able to cobble together a fully functional and reliable web-video-audio (and forget about games) Linux box. Research now suggests "fully functional" Linux laptops are a few mouse-clicks away. As for "reliable" I never really had issues with the old PC hardware, just the Microcrust part.