Sunday, March 8, 2015


I am open to many different ways of taking notes, and I have tried quite a few. One of the methods I fail to get entirely is Sketchnote. I don't know what to do with something like this:

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Sketchnoting seems to me like just "playing around" and I have no idea what to make of it. See also here. There are some sketchnotes that are to be taken more seriously, but I still do not "get" it. See Sacha Chua's blog, for instance. These images just make me dizzy, and the time spent on creating them would have been better spent on taking thorough notes—or so it appears to me.

I am willing to be convinced otherwise, but it won't be easy.

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Christian Tietze said...

The most "beautiful" Sketchnotes seem most useless to me, too. It's become quite a fetish.

For the person drawing, they may be more valuable. But like writing a diary, sketching your notes may be ruined if you aim to publish them.

I started to take notes in a similar way in University. After Cornell-style notes and adding little diagrams and sketches to visualize a concept or relationship, I began to use blank paper and "draw" more freely. The sketches are of not much lasting value because a lot of that lies in the blank space and spontaneous associations -- which I can't recall after a few years.

They are an efficient means to capture and bring things into context (like MindMaps, but without branches). I know the icons I use and re-use all the time. It's more like Kanji than latin alphabet. Other folks have a tremendously hard time "reading" my notes, though.

An example: