Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ayn Rand on C. S. Lewis

As a footnote to the last post. I don't like C. S. Lewis very much simply because he is a simplificateur terrible. My dislike is thus very different from Ayn Rand's. "She called the famous apologist an 'abysmal bastard,' a 'monstrosity,' a 'cheap, awful, miserable, touchy, social-meta­physical mediocrity,' a 'pickpocket of concepts,' and a 'God-damn, beaten mystic.'"[1] Indeed, all but the last epithet would have applied to her with just as much justification. She and C. S. Lewis are one of a kind, and they both appeal to the adolescents of spirit.

There is one difference, though: I can still read some things by C. S. Lewis, but I find there is nothing in Ayn Rand's mediocre work that would deserve further attention.

1. See here for more, if you dare.

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