Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mavericks Rocks!

Well, I downgraded upgraded to Mavericks. It was not easy. Apple obviously does not want you to do this. While you can download the installation package from the App Store, clicking on it, tells you that it won't run under Mavericks because it was designed for an older operating system. There is all kinds of advice on the Internet, but nothing really worked--at least not directly from Yosemite.

How did I do it? I installed it to a virtual machine in Parallels. The idea was that once I had the right operating system I could install it to a different disk (you know I mean SSD). No dice, the install failed. After the third trial I gave up. What did work was to clone the virtual drive by Carbon Copy Cloner to another disk, not an SSD, mind you (as that also always failed). But I did get it to clone to a hard drive, and THEN I could clone it to an SSD.

Mavericks has now been running for a few hours from the SSD without any of the problems that I had with Yosemite. I hope it will stay that way.

I suspect that Apple will close this hole soon as well. They seem to want everyone to march in lockstep!

Update at 10:00 on Monday. May 4: So far, so good.


pond said...

Another way: create a bootable thumb drive with the mavericks installer app on it (instructions available around the net).

Then boot off the thumb drive, erase your Yosemite drive, install Mavericks on it.

MK said...

I did create a bootable thumb drive with Mavericks.

I did not know about the necessity of erasing the Yosemite drive.

Good to know.