Friday, May 22, 2015

Rotring Dublin

I recently acquired a Rotring Dublin fountain pen. It sports a "Schmidt Iridium" nib, not one of the traditional Rotring nibs. It's probably of the same generation as the
Rotring Lissabon which feels like a good Chinese fountain pen. But whereas the Rotring Lissabon handles like a good Chinese fountain pen. The Dublin exudes nothing but cheapness. The clip is loose. The body, made of aluminum reminds of a throw-away pen. The cap is flimsy and does not fit well on the body of the pen: no click, for instance. It inspires no confidence. This is just the kind of pen that makes one glad that Sanford ceased to exploit the Rotring name.

I have resolved never to ink it up because I feel it won't stand up to any use at all. For a slightly more positive review see here.

Not recommended!

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ExilesCity said...

I was always a great fan of the Rotring Core (sadly, discontinued back c. 2005, though I stocked up on pens and converters), so it's depressing to read that the quality of Rotrings has fallen off.