Saturday, June 6, 2015

Crossover for the Mac

Crossover for OS X is an interesting application. I recently trialed it. In particular, I was interested in how well it would run ConnectedText. It's listed as compatible with a silver predicate (the others are untested, bronze, and gold).

Crossover did a fairly good job. ConnectedText ran without any problems, and it ran as if it was an OS X application. Thus Textexpander macros worked flawlessly.[1] And I would be tempted!

There was only one problem I could not get past, and that was the abysmal handling of fonts. Text just looked downright ugly and cheap. The fonts look very rough. No smoothing at all. This alone would keep me from using the application, even though its price of $59.95 is rather attractive compared to the alternative of running Windows on Parallels or VM Ware (or even Virtualbox) which needs a full copy of Windows Which alone easily costs two or three times as much as Crossover.

I installed true type fonts, but it did not make a difference. Apparently, there are ways of smoothing fonts in Wine, and apparently there are ways to get this done in Crossover. But I could not do it. And it's not just a problem for ConnectedText.

In my judgment, it is that this font problem that holds back Crossover from true success in the market place. I, for one, will not be tempted to buy it, unless it is fixed.

1. See also this discussion in the ConnectedText Forum.

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