Friday, June 5, 2015

Firefox Problems

Of late, Firefox has become almost unusable. It has slowed down to a crawl and often does not succeed in loading pages. I am using the OS X version, and I did disable "hardware acceleration at one point (as recommended), but it continues to be unreliable. Accordingly, I must use Safari, even though I'd rather use Firefox.


Angry Thinker said...

Good FF alternative: Pale Moon. Fast, secure, no hassles.

Perry Stearns said...

Of late, the only way I keep Chrome-the-Colossal-Computer-Cranial-Capacity-Crusher from grinding macosx to a halt is by using extensions like "OneTab" (there are a number of similar solutions and no-doubt likeminded gizmos for Firefox). Even so, I still must make regular use of "purge" in a Bash terminal before and after undertaking any 'resource' hungry process. I have learned to trust purge not to cause problems with active memory. Occasionally, I suspect it annoys Emacs, but that pales in comparison to the time and data lost when forced to hold down the power-button. I had incorporated purge into a script that would regularly check free-memory (vm_stat), but that was so annoying when it would run purge without warning (cpu gets kidnapped, I suspect, for about 10 seconds or so), I've just made manually running purge a thoughtless habit instead. It was not always this way on macosx when web-browsing. What price Progress ?

Unknown said...

I've removed both Chrome and FF from my Mac. Safari seems to be better "optimized" for the MacOsX, it's overall battery usage is impressive and works fast.