Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Luhmann's Zettel

I posted a version of this picture before. But here it is again in a larger format:

Click image to enlarge!

You can clearly see the numbering scheme (and the titles Luhmann also put down).


Sam said...
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Sam said...

Dear Prof. Manfred,

I'm interested to learn more about Zettelkasten, and thanks to your blog, I found so many useful sources. One of them is Zettelkasten.de, which their overview posts have been really helpful to guide me creating my first 96 "zettels".

If you have time, I would like to know your opinion on the importance of Folgezettel, maybe you're interested to join this recent discussion there:


The last time I saw that page, it has 58 comments. To facilitate more discussion, Christian Tietze created a new post here:


(Unfortunately, it only has 1 comment).

It would be a huge benefit for beginners (like me) to have your insight there :) Thank you!