Saturday, August 22, 2015

And What about Your Desk?

There is another interesting series of pictures in The Guardian. This time, it is about people's desks, and whether they are messy, clean, or in between. It's nothing like Haruki Murakami's desk, in any case. Notice the pencils!

I'd say mine is in between, even though it is relatively small. (I do my writing by hand and in notebooks on a lap desk, in an easy chair, though I do keep a fountain pen and a mechanical pencil at the computer as well.)

I am not showing it because in the end I believe that the different states of the desk's surface per se are boring. When I visit colleagues in their offices I am more enthralled by the way they change over time. Do they clean them off at regular intervals (like, at the end of the semester)? I do ... or did.

The state of the desk is, of course, important for note-taking--at least to some extent

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