Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Evernote--a New Editing Experience?

See here. '"Evernote’s core text editing experience was designed around a framework that was optimized for the platform you were typing on; the Windows editor was purpose-built for Windows, the Mac editor for the Mac platform, and so on. We had an early vision of mobile’s implications on productivity, and highly platform-specific development was the fastest way to address that mobile future, which arrived quicker than we’d even imagined. In the face of rapidly interconnected devices, this framework generally held together well, but it wasn’t completely seamless", the company explains.' Now it is supposed to be completely "seamless."

In my experience the "editing experience" was never that important, as I never used it for writing.


Angry Thinker said...

But in many users' experience editing WAS/IS very important indeed. In fact, I cannot imagine anyone using a note-taking app as their main one if it does not have good editing capabilities.

MK said...

I understand. Different people need different things.

I was just reporting my subjective view. Furthermore, my main note-taking application is not Evernote. I just use it for temporary storage.

Angry Thinker said...

I understand it was your subjective view, Manfred, I did not mean to criticise you. I dropped Evernote as my main note-taking app precisely because of 1) the crappy editor and 2) organising with tags only I found insufficient. That's just my subjective view :-)