Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daniel Luedecke's Zettelkasten, Once Again

I promised to review Daniel Luedecke's Zettelkasten more thoroughly in the future. Given what I just read here, I think I will postpone it. Apparently, searching becomes rather slow "with over 1200 Zettel." I have about 10,000 notes (or Zettel, if you will). I rely heavily on search (with AND, OR, and NOT) in ConnectedText, where searching for simple topics is almost instantaneous.[2] I will wait with a review until this issue has been remedied.[3]

1. See here for previous posts on this software.
2. There are some complaints about slowness by people who create very long or very complex topics that include many parts from different topics. But it appears to me that their approach is incompatible with what one might call Zettelkasten principles. In any case, it is very different from mine. To say it again, my searches are almost instantaneous (in Parallels on a late 2012 Mac Mini with a SSD).
3. There is a promise in the comments that it will be remedied.

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