Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Luhmann on "Taking Note"

Over the years, I have written many posts on Luhmann and his Zettelkasten. Here is a search of the blog that combines them all.

As you all know, I have decided against a strict or faithful implementation of the Zettelkasten, but have opted for a hypertextual method as implemented on a personal wiki (ConnectedText). I do think, however, that it captures the spirit of Luhmann's system. In fact, I'd like to think that he would use a wiki-like solution as well, if he were alive today. There are other ways of doing this, of course. Daniel Luedecke's Zettelkasten uses mainly tags. I have written about it before, but it has changed a lot since I first wrote about it (see the link above; see also here). Eventually, I will have to write a full review.


Simon said...

I notice you're using a mac. Is there any reason you are not using Voodoopad or Tinderbox for your zettelkasten?

MK said...

I find ConnectedText superior to both Voodoopad and Tinderbox. I own Voodoopad, but hardly ever use it.

I have tried Tinderbox more than once. But I cannot figure it out. In any case, it seems to make what I want to do more difficult than it should be and seems do be able to do things I never dreamt of doing.

The closest thing on the Mac to what I want is Devonthink, but even it is not close enough. In particular, I dislike automatic linking of pages.

Simon said...

Which of your posts best outlines your Zettelkasten system? I would be interested to see if I could create a Tinderbox, Voodoopad or Filemaker Zettelkasten on the Mac.

MK said...

I'll write a post later today to outline it.