Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Dark Ages of Wiki?

Came across this Website today: AwkiAwki. It describes and praises AwkiAwki as "a light weight wiki" that you should use as your personal wiki. The "you" it addresses is obviously a lot younger than I am. This is clear from the lead: "Wiki seems to be something of the dark ages. They were popular about 10 years ago. So why bother talking about a wiki, let alone installing a wiki?"

I must be from the dark ages as well, even though I agree to the main points as to why one should use a wiki:
  • Hierarchies can get in the way
  • A personal wiki is great for keeping all your notes together

I am not so sure about the minor points:
  • Must be of light weight
  • Wiki data in flat files with plain Markdown-like syntax

But I am sympathetic to these points as well. In fact, I like most of what is said on the page. I would even try AwkiAwki, if I were to use Linux or Unix.[1]

1. Disclaimer: none of this has anything to do with the fact that the Website refers to this blog.

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