Sunday, December 6, 2015

Deleted Posts?

I just found out that the posts about the Zettelkasten on this blog by IainB were not deleted by him. There were two, one after the other, and they were deleted soon after having been posted.

I do not quite understand why or how. I know that Blogger is difficult. You have to prove that you are not a robot. Even I have to do this on my own blog. So, my only explanation is that the entry was submitted, but then not sufficiently authenticated.

I said clearly in my post about IanB's comment that I regretted that the post was deleted (assuming that it was done by him, as that was pretty much the only explanation for me): "The reason for this is that the contribution was first posted in a slightly different form as a comment on My Zettelkasten. Much to my regret, it was, however, deleted again by the author." I am therefore more than taken aback a bit (or surprised and disconcerted) by his suggestion "Maybe the objective is to get clicks or something."

I do not very much care how many clicks I get. I write the blog only because it allows me to clarify some things for myself. And it gratifies me, if other people find it useful or at the very least interesting. I would never have deleted the entry--and not just because he said some complimentary things at the beginning of his post or because I wanted to comment on it.[1] I am a professor of philosophy and encourage reasoned disagreement and spirited discussion. And I welcomed IainB's post for that very reason.

08:20: I have posted the original comment by IainB (Slartibartfast) in the comment section of this post.

1. I do delete spam and insults to me and especially to others.


MK said...

I considered publishing the deleted post before, but then I thought its author might not approve. Since this does not seem to be the case, here it is in full:

Slartibartfast has left a new comment on your post "My Zettelkasten":

I always read your blog (it's in my Bazqux feed aggregator/reader) and I found your post here very interesting and thought I might be able to make useful comment.
A few years back I had come to the same conclusions as you would seem to have reached here, and I implemented a Zettelkasten using MS OneNote. I did trial Connected Text, but it didn't meet my past and newly-discovered requirements, which include, for example:

1. Mandatory: Notes had to be able to be client-based and/or web-based (it's all the same to OneNote, and client-based copy is always retained as cache and backup, regardless).

2. Mandatory: There had to be faithful retention of metadata, formatting, images, links .etc from web page capture (or partial capture). OneNote is not necessarily the best tool for this, but it is pretty good. (The best I've seen for this are actually Scrapbook and Zotero, which use the same engine for copying web pages, and WizNote gets a mention as it is amazingly good.)

3. Mandatory: It had to have OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) of files, which files may be saved/embedded within a note, or as a link to the file on hard or Cloud drives. In particular, integration with MS Office files and Internet Explorer was a must in this regard (though my preferred browser is Firefox).

4. Mandatory: Integration with Win7/8/10 OS services - *especially* Windows Desktop Search (so a Notebook's contents can be searched via OneNote OR WDS).

5. Mandatory: OCR of any text in saved images, which text then becomes searchable via OneNote OR WDS, and extractable.

6. Mandatory: Ability to record and/or play sound files, and have spoken words in the files searchable via OneNote OR WDS. This can be a great timesaver when you have, say, a recorded radio interview, speech or meeting, but no written transcript of same.

7. Mandatory: Hyperlinking of notes in Zettelkasten fashion, using the same square-bracketed [[reference term]] hyperlinking approach as you refer to in the post. In OneNote, if you type in [[reference term]], it will search for an existing Note page in any of the Notebooks (only opened ones, I think) with that exact title and link to it, but if there is none, then it will automatically *create* a new Note page with that title, at the bottom of the section you are currently in, so that you can put in any relevant text later, but meanwhile it leaves you in the text where you were currently writing. These hyperlinked (wiki-like) pages can be moved around and OneNote will keep track of them. If the user is unsure whether "reference term" is correct for an existing hyperlinked Note title, then a search within OneNote for all or some of the terms in "reference term", will find them, with any OneNote page titles bearing the terms being listed first in the search results.

8. Mandatory: To be able to have Notes structured in hierarchically-arranged collections if/as required. (OneNote offers a 2 or 3-pane display for this, as required.)

9. Mandatory: The ability to create/paste/edit text, tables and numeric tables and bits of Excel spreadsheets into a Note, and perform simple math operations on them as well as in a line of typed text (e.g., to calculate the product of 2 x 12 as being equal to 24).

10. Mandatory: The ability to convert a table in a Note into a spreadsheet (for those occasions when you realise you have exceeded the capability of OneNote).

11. Mandatory: Very flexible rich text formatting capability, similar to MS Word, but without having to use MS Word and able to be copied into an MS Word (or any other RTF) document or email (especially per MS Outlook) with formatting intact.

12. Highly desirable: Ability to integrate with MS Outlook for exchanging Notes, emails, tasks, flags and/tags.

The e-mail was dated December 3, 9:59 PM.

Angry Thinker said...

Manfred, FWIW, in my opinion your posts are not published to get clicks. If IainB suggested so, he either had not understood the objective of your blog, or he just wanted to make a tendentious comment to get you to react. Judging from his posts on DonationCoder, I cannot believe he would be so dense as to think you care less about the content of your posts than about the number of clicks the generate. Keep smiling ;-)

MK said...

Angry Thinker,
Thanks for the vote of support.