Sunday, December 20, 2015


Dyanote advertises itself as "your personal hypertext." Furthermore, "traditional note taking applications allow you to search notes and organize them with tags and buckets. Dyanote solves this problem on a different level: instead of a bunch of messy notes you’ll have an organic document reflecting the connections your mind created."

Obviously, this appeals to me. It is (going to be) a personal wiki, but I actually like the expression "personal hypertext" better. I would also describe my favorite application, ConnectedText, as my "personal hypertext.[1]

Dyanote is said to have been inspired by Tomboy, but it seems to be designed as a Web application by a 23 year-old programmer located near Bologna, Italy. While Dyanote is still a bit rough around the edges, it seems to be worthwhile to follow. There have not been many developments in "personal hypertext" lately. In any case, I would like there to be more!

1. "PHP" actually means "Personal Hypertext Processor" or ""Personal Hypertext Processor," so the notion of "personal hypertext" is at least as old as PHP. But Berners-Lee et. alii reported in 1994 that there conception of the World Wide Web originated from the "positive experience of a small home-brew personal hypertext used to keep track of personal information ..." As everyone reading this blog knows, I am motivated by a similarly positive experience with "personal hypertext" for my academic note-taking.

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