Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day One 2

I bought Day One at the beginning of 2012, and I wrote about it in August 2012. As I said then, I find it useful mainly as a backup in my note-taking process. I have never used it for pictures (as far as I remember). It seemed just to cumbersome for that, but it has been reliable and it did what I want it to do.

I hope it will continue to be reliable in its present version, as I am not going to update. First, I really have no use for its new capabilities, mainly multiple pictures per entry, multiple journals, and new capabilities of syncing, etc. And the "all-new user interface" leaves me rather cold. Second, the price has increased dramatically. Even at 50% off, it costs $19.99, or twice as much as I would be willing to pay.

I am not saying that it is a bad or useless upgrade per se but only that I personally have no use for it. If the old version stops being reliable, there is always the free Notes app included with OS X, whose latest update makes it a very capable replacement for Day One. In fact, come to think of it, I should perhaps delete Day One now and exclusively use Notes from now on. It would do nicely, and you could say that One Note was attractive to me in 2012 because Notes was underdeveloped.[1]

1. On going through the notes in Day One now (11:06), I notice that I was wrong about pictures. I did include the occasional one in my notes--especially earlier on.


Daniel Burrow said...

Your helpful post motivated me to take a closer look at the Notes app.

Thank you!

Jordan T-H said...

How do you expect to reliably export data from the Notes app?

MK said...

I don't. I keep it for notes that I usually copy and paste into my permanent notes (ConnectedText). I did use Day One that way, too.

Day One does not have very good export capabilities either--at least not natively (or perhaps better: not within the app itself). It exports to PDF, as does Notes. The difference is that One Day exports all notes, whereas Notes does it one entry at the time. I have never used (or felt the need to use) the command line export for Day One or the various scripts available to do it.

There is also an application that exports the notes in Notes to text files: http://writeapp.net/notesexporter/

It seems to work reliably.