Sunday, March 6, 2016

Using Business Cards for Notes

Here is an interesting post on how to use business cards for notes on the road. It inspired me to order this from Amazon:

It's a "Blank Flash Card Dispenser Box Card Size 2'' x 3''" 1000 cards, and it will probably last me a life time. I like the small size, as two, three or five cards will easily fit in my wallet. (They are a bit smaller than credit cards.

You can never have too many ways of capturing notes.[1]

1. The blog has other interesting ideas for "analog note-taking." I use both analog and electronic means, however.


Michael Leddy said...

A company called Vis-Ed makes white ones. The Seminary Co-op in Chicago sells them, so there must be an academic fanbase.

MK said...

Interesting! They also make vocabulary cards for various languages: "French, German, Spanish (generally, choose the bilingual Spanish-English edition rather than the classical Spanish edition), Greek (both classical and biblical), Hebrew (biblical), Italian, Latin, and Russian. Each, very inexpensive set includes about 1,000 flash cards (1 1/2"x 3 1/2" each."

Many years ago I used such cards in learning Latin and Greek.

MK said...

You can even buy blank playing cards at this time.

I had no idea when I wrote this post on Gibbon.