Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Textexpander now by Subscription only

Today, Textexpander introduced its new "Pricing Plans" for Textexpander 6.0. For a single user it will cost "$3.96/month billed annually or "4.95 monthly." I am sure this will not excite many of its users in the right sort of way. I am not sure what will happen to my installation of TextExpander 5.0 as a result.

Needless to say, I don't like the change.[1]

There is also a new version for Windows which I will not use given that I can do more with AutoHotKey already. In fact, what I would really like is a version of AutoHotKey for the Mac.

Added on April 6 at 7:51: MacSparky writes: "Smile has switched TextExpander to a subscription model. I know that makes some users nervous but, frankly, I think it is a good idea. As a fan of productivity software, I’d really like the companies that make my favorite tools stay in business. In order for TextExpander to continue to get the love and attention it needs to make my life so much easier, it needs ongoing support. TextExpander is so worth it." The subscription model does not make me nervous. It is too expensive for me (and I suppose many other people who are unwilling or unable to spend almost fifty dollars a year for just one piece of software). To say nothing about the precedent this sets, if it is successful.

Added on April 7 at 22;35: In today's e-mail from Smile, I read: "We'll continue to support TextExpander 5 in El Capitan and beyond to the upcoming version of OS X." I suppose that means support will stop with the next OS update. I am getting more upset with every new announcement! Is this the right way to treat customers?

1. Nor do I have any use for their new sync service!


Michael Leddy said...

Have you looked at aText? I installed this app when TextExpander and an earlier version of OS X didn't get along. When TE updates became increasingly expensive, I stuck with aText:


MK said...

Yes, I used aText for a while. I downloaded a version from the app store. It no longer works, and I cannot migrate to the other version. I contacted the developer a long time ago and received no answer. I guess I could pay again, but I don't think I will do that either.

Parent looking at the World via the Mac said...

Been using Typinator for years with no issues. Solid and dependable


Michael Leddy said...

I know that there was/is a problem with El Capitan and the App Store aText. The support page at the developer's website has instructions for what to do (bottom of the page). I'm not trying to persuade you to try again; I'm just pointing out that there was a known problem.

MiGrant said...

Have a look at Keyboard Maestro as both an AutoHotKey equivalent and a TextExpander replacement on the Mac. https://www.keyboardmaestro.com/

P. Walters said...

I've hung onto TE only because I use the expansions on iPad and syncing is useful. Looks like the developer is spending more time in their emails to customers and their website telling us why a subscription plan is a good deal, rather than telling us v6 is a good deal. Subscriptions are zombies -- they hang around and renew their lives on credit cards without notice. Good deal for banks and developers, bad deals for consumers.