Monday, August 29, 2016

CintaNotes Limits

The Outliner Forum called my attention to this blog post from the developer of CintaNotes:
The theoretical limit lies at 4 billion notes. But of course that's theory) I've tested CintaNotes to run on a base with 10000 notes, and it runs fine. But for the current version I don't recommend running CintaNotes directly from the flash drive in this case - it will be slow. Right now CintaNotes keeps the whole notebook in memory and saves it to the disk each time something changes. This is of course quite inefficient, and I'll change this in one of the next versions, where I plan to migrate to an SQLite database. Hope this information will help you to make a better choice (see here).
CintaNotes seems to me one of the closest equivalent of nVALT on Windows.

In recent months have become more and more interested in the actual capacities of note-taking software. For a life-time of note-taking, two things seem to me essential: (i) the ability to handle tens of thousands of notes easily and effectively, (ii) the ability to import and export notes easily to other formats (most importantly [for me] in text format).

In some sense I like ResophNote better, since it uses the convention of '“internal link” with [ and ] (wikilink)'. It's also closer to nVALT. But I am not sure about its limits.


Derick said...

"tenths of thousands of notes" i.e. hundreds? ;)

AlexJenter said...

Please note that that comment refers to a very old version of CintaNotes.
Recent CN versions can easily handle at least 100,000 notes or even more if you are willing to put up with somewhat degraded performance.

MK said...

My bad--I fixed it. Thanks!
Do you know how much performance degrades?

Christian Tietze said...

Sascha and I tried ResophNotes for Windows -- worked well until about 1500 notes, when every keystroke lagged behind horribly. The developer was very unresponsive over the past couple of years, so I wouldn't bet on it getting better.

MK said...

I tried it with more than 10,000 yesterday. Same result. It works, but barely.

AlexJenter said...

@MK: The exact performance degradation depends on the kind of notes you have. CN works best under following circumstances:
1) CN runs from a hard drive (SSD even better), not USB stick
2) Notes are less than 100KB in size on average
3) You divide all notes into sections and search within them
4) For search, you don't use the "search inside words" and "search across fields" options
5) First limit by section and tag, then use search

About 10,000 - was is about CN? This is not a large number, so I guess you must have some long notes there!