Monday, August 22, 2016

ConnectedText, Texthaven, and nVALT

Having taken another look at Texthaven in the last post, I was wondering how it would handle more than 10,000 notes, exported from my largest ConnectedText Project. Well, it did--at least sort of. This is what happened:
  1. Export to text files is easy in ConnectedText. I exported the text files to a folder called Texthaven
  2. Texthaven uses Markdown as its markup language. So, I had to transform some of the codes, Like "*" for ConnectedText's "//". I also had to change the double with a single square bracket, and removed the markup for predicates, categories, and some other things Easy enough with a program like Search&Replace for the Mac. It took a while, but it worked well.
  3. A bigger problem was that Texhaven uses ANSI, while ConnectedText uses UTF8, but I finally got that done with CPConverter after several trials, had to rename the directory it created, and was good to go.
  4. Texthaven opened the directory without problem, and it also opened the text files, as expected. However, editing them did not always work (or perhaps it just took too long for my patience). It seemed a bit erratic.
  5. This may have been due to the fact that I do not have a registered copy--at least in part. I was determined to buy a copy, if it had worked flawlessly. But I don't want to take the risk, since it had significant hiccups. I could not create an index file either, for instance. Including images was tedious as well. So, I deleted the directory again and gave up on Texthaven.

I believe that this test of Texthaven was a bit unfair. I know that it works well with fewer text files. It's just that I do not need it for that. I then thought that it might be interesting to try the same experiment with nVALT. I did, and it worked flawlessly. nVALT uses double brackets and takes UTF8 without problems. All, I had to do is point the program to the right directory and specify single text files and not the database. It works flawlessly. (Though I left untouched for now the ConnectedText markup for categories, properties, images, etc.) I now have a working copy of my main project on the Mac. I intend to update the files occasionally just to have a recent working backup. I will continue to use ConnectedText itself for my daily work.

Still, I am amazed how well the ConnectedText text files work in nVALT, and how quickly nVALT is in opening links, etc.

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James Schmidt said...

I've been using nvAlt for four years now and have a little over 2600 notes in it. It seems to work fine. I particularly like the option of using different text editors (e.g., I edit notes using Byword on my Mac, but prefer 1Writer on my IOS devices).

My only concern is that, at this point, nvAlt is getting a bit old. Bret Terpstra is working on a replacement (to be called BitWriter) which should become available before too long.