Saturday, August 13, 2016

Peresc's Note-Taking

From Pierre Gassendi, The Mirrour of True Nobility & Gentility Being the Life of Nicolaus Caludius Fabricius, Lord of Peiresc ..., Englished by by W. Rand, Dr. of Physick (1657)[1]:
He was not, therefore, of their mind, who having got fair Books,are afraid to blot them with such lines or marginal notes, for he esteemed those Books most highly, into which he could insert most notes; and therefore he commonly caused all his Books, when they were in Quires to be washed over with Alum-watwer, and when he foresaw their Margents would not be large enough, he cause white paper to be bound between the printed leaves.[2]
The use of of interleaved copies was more common than this quotation may make it appear.

1. For Peiresc, see here.
2. See here for the source of the quotation.

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