Sunday, August 21, 2016

Texthaven for Android

Texthaven, the plain-text organizer, is now also available for the Android. As I pointed out before, Texthaven is a good replacement for notepad. It also can handle CVS files very well. "The core of the Texthaven note taking program is a plain-text file. It offers Markdown formatting and options to link to images or other notes but its heart, its essence, is basic text in a simple file in a directory on your hard drive. A file that is easy to read, edit, back up, share or search on virtually any device you would want to read or edit a document on."

"The Texthaven Android app is a complement to the Windows program but can be used independently to create, format and edit Markdown files and view images and simple CSV files."

It reminds me very much of nVALT. I especially like the fact that you can crete links by just enclosing them in square brackets.

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