Saturday, September 17, 2016

Against the Apple Ideology?

Ivan Snenonius argues in All Power to the Packrats against the "sleek and clean" apple ideology, in which our “outdated” possessions are turned into symbols of poverty." I found it extremely refreshing:
The room of the modern person is stark, but in its simplicity it exudes wealth and sophistication. There is just an iPad and a simple bed or futon. None of the old-time accouterments, which signified intelligence, artistic interest, or a curiosity about the world, are evident. There are no magazines, books, or records anywhere. Just perhaps some high priced toiletries in the bathroom. Everything she needs is on the iCloud.
Things, stuff, and doo-dads are just hang-ups after all, serving to drag us into our past and harness us to prior ideas of who we were and what we were supposed to be. The Apple world is apart from the old world. It is one where we can be anything, free of the wretched past. Like our room, our body is also clean and shaven, streamlined for action.
What’s next? Giving up all thought, consciousness, history, and agency.
I am not sure about all the claims, but as I said: "refreshing."

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