Monday, September 5, 2016

CintaNotes Limits, Again

I had not tested CintaNotes but relied on someone else's testimony when I wrote the previous post on it. So, I thought I would actually test it with my approximately 10,600 text files from ConnectedText.

The short of it: I couldn't. CintaNotes uses its own file format (*.db). You can import db, and xml files, no txt files. It has a selection for "All files", but it does not recognize txt files. So I could not import the notes I used in ResophNotes and nVALT. This means that I could not test CintaNotes due to its limitations in import.

For what it's worth I used an SSD drive for all the tests. My notes are small, most of them 500 words or less, and I did not even test search in ResophNotes. Just moving around between different files and trying to change a word or two was too slow already.

I was going to try xml import, but then I found in the help file: "You can import notes using the File/Import command. You can import notes from previously exported XML files and from other notebook (.db) files." So, there does not seem to be a way to import any notes taken in any other application before. This makes the application useless to me (and, I suppose, to many other people who would like to migrate to CintNotes from any other note-taking application.) I have, accordingly, deleted CintNotes from my machine again.

Let me just say that the inability to import text files seems to me a more serious limitation than ReophNotes limited ability to handle a large number of text files.

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Chuck Dee said...

I tried CintaNotes also once I moved back from Mac, and found it limiting. I also had the same reservations about ResophNotes. I found a great system, however, using Notation, SimpleNote, and ResophNotes. I take my notes in Notation, which syncs to SimpleNote. I leave ResophNotes running, and have it sync the notes from SimpleNote to a dropbox folder to have the individual notes in text format. It works well for me.