Monday, September 5, 2016

Linked Notes 2.5

Linked Notes 2.5 has been available since August 15, 2016. The main differences between this and the earlier version are: a Bug Fix: Prevent new page with same name in different case from corrupting index, Drop support for, Drop publish to Google Docs – API is no longer available. (So, not much of a change.) The basic version is still free. The premium version costs $19.95 and it gives you
  • Pages can be encrypted to protect sensitive information
  • You can setup one or more identities with passwords, or authenticated as Windows users
  • Export any section or all pages into a single RTF document suitable for Microsoft Word
  • Easily search all pages for specific words
  • Screen capture tool will embed an image cropped from any of your windows
  • Publish to
  • Auto paste from Windows clipboard
There is no search in the free version which makes it useless for any larger accumulation of pages.

On the other hand, it does not rely on wiki markup. Nor do you need to manually add links. It recognizes pages with a name that you type in. (I do not consider that a virtue, as it will result in loss of control over links and thus in over-linking.)

You can import rtf and txt files (one at a time), but the program annoyingly adds underscores to replace spaces, so "My page" becomes "My_space", etc.

However, if you need a simple and small wiki, it fits the bill. The paid version seems to allow you to search for single words (not for complex expressions).

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