Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Luhmann's Zettelkasten Described

Johannes Schmidt: Der Zettelkasten als Zweitgedächtnis Niklas Luhmanns is a video of a lecture given by Johannes Schmidt that provides a very detailed description of Luhmann's Zettelkastn. I learned many new details (without having to revise my earlier views).

Highly recommnded!

Warning: The lecture is in German.


Rick said...

Might you be inspired or encouraged or cajoled, dear Dr. K., to translate and post some of the juicier bits for us poor monolingual fans?

MK said...

I'll see whether I can.

Unknown said...

I was curious if you had ever considered Scrivener as a software environment where you could set up a Zettelkasten? I have read articles/posts that indicated that this could be done in ConnectedText, but I would like to have the possibility of using some of the information I might store in my Zettelkasten in my writings.

Antti Hyrkäs said...

This is somewhat unrelated, but I came across this speech given by the sociologist Andrew Abbott in Bielefeld. Thought you might be interested. He refers to Luhmann's zettelkasten and outlines some interesting ideas on Luhmann's system as well as on note-taking in general.