Sunday, September 4, 2016


I came across RGDot, a freeware blog that lists many note-taking programs. There were two programs that caught my attention: Redhaven Outline and minipad2. I downloaded minipad2. It was not easy, as it has not been developed since at least 2011 and most of the download sites seem to be more interested in installing other crap on your computer than simply letting you download the program you really want.

I like it! It's very small at 350 KB, but it does a lot of things apart from textual notes that can be linked to each other. Some of these things are not interesting to me, like the calculator and dictionary pages that you can create. Others are most interesting, like the memo function that allows you to set a note to pop up at a certain time or at regular intervals, and even allows you automatically to run other programs from those notes.

I also find the link page that allows you to store links to files, programs, or directories. It runs links to ConnectedText topics, like these "ct://Personal/Redhaven%20Outline" as well (which I especially like.

"It is also capable of watching the clipboard and inserting pre-defined text such as time, date, separator and signature – which can be defined via the Tools—>Edit Template menu. New tabs can be created for separate notes and aforementioned included functions." I think this is another strength of the program.

I can't believe that I missed it for such a long time, and I think it is worth a trial even though there does not seem a chance that it will be developed further.


RG said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog, getting mentioned here should motivate me to get back to blogging. Minipad2 is simple and very useful, Redhaven I found to be more complex and a software that needs a somewhat different workflow to use daily.

MK said...

I enjoyed the reviews on your blog!