Sunday, November 27, 2016

100% Protected against Plagiarism?

Anyone who has recently searched the net for something to do with note-taking has probably come across Web sites that offer students (and others) the service of papers written to order.

One Website claims: "We only provide unique papers written entirely by the writers from scratch. You are 100% protected against plagiarism." This is really galling, as they are offering a service that amounts to 100% plagiarism. What they actually offer their customers is 100% protection against getting caught.

I am glad I don't have to deal with this any longer? What would I do? I would make students write a short (one-page) summary of their paper in class after having handed it in. Not a 100% guarantee, but a beginning.


Michael Leddy said...

I find it reassuring that at least a good number of students are outraged by this stuff. I used to have students in upper-level writing courses read “Ed Dante’s” piece “The Shadow Scholar” (in The Chronicle a few years back). The general response was disbelief and anger: why didn’t professors notice the difference between students’ e-mails and their essays? How could they not wonder where these essays came from? Did they ever talk to their students about their work?

I used to tell students that just as cashiers can sense that a bill is counterfeit, professors can tell (or at least I could tell) when writing was plagiarized. But the prevalence of these papers-for-sale sites means that many profs are looking the other way. They make life harder for the rest of us.

“I am glad...”: meaning that you’ve retired?

MK said...

Well, it seems that it gets ever more difficult to detect this kind of cheating. Apparently, they write essays for B's and C's as well.

Yes, I retired in June because taking care of my personal obligations and teching became too difficult.

Parent looking at the World via the Mac said...

You're assuming that these guys who are helping others to cheat the examiners are actually honest enough not to cheat the student. I'm not sure that's the case...

MK said...

I agree, but the student who cheats deserves to be cheated! In fact, she/he has already cheated herself/himself as soon as the paper was bought.