Tuesday, January 17, 2017

20,000 Notes in Evernote

It appears that Evernote can handle 20,000 notes with relative ease. That is good to know, even if I don't use Evernote extensively. I am very worried about putting that much trust into an online system that is under someone else's control.

Still, it is interesting that it can be used as a heavy-duty note-taking system.


Paul Larson said...


Unknown said...

I have just under 80,000 notes in there now and, believe me, it doesn't handle it all that well. I was recently advised by the Evernote team themselves to use the web client as opposed to the desktop client. It does make an improved difference but I don't want to use the web client, in most cases. They've told me to use it for everything and I have. But it doesn't work. Now I use it as a central repository, but real work must be exported into DEVONthink (or elsewhere) and used on a segmented basis.

MK said...

Thank you very much. That is interesting to know.