Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jarte Plus 6 and Autohotkey

Jarte is a capable word processor based on the Wordpad engine. It has some interesting feature, and the plus version is especially useful (even though I have not used it as much as I might have because it does not do footnotes. The new version still does not do footnotes. However, it now tightly integrates Autohotkey. As they say, "AutoHotkey is general purpose scripting tool and can be used be used with any Windows program, including both Jarte and Jarte Plus. However, Jarte Plus provides special features
that allow you integrate your AutoHotkey scripts seamlessly into Jarte Plus. Specifically, Jarte Plus allows you to do the following:
  • AutoHotkey scripts can be assigned to custom shortcut keys.
  • AutoHotkey scripts can be assigned to custom Quick Bar buttons.
  • Jarte templates can include special tags that automatically run scripts when a new document is started from a template.
  • Jarte Plus provides special Jarte script helper functions that make it easier to write scripts for performing tasks in Jarte."
It's the use in templates that interests me most.

Another new and interesting feature is that Jarte now supports attaching note hyperlinks to selected text. When you hover the mouse cursor over the link, it displays a freeform text note. It does not quite replace a footnote function, but it is a beginning!

I will have to play with it some (and might report on my experience at some later date). If you are interested in the plus version, it will set you back $19.95. The basic version is still free.

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Stephen Zeoli said...

I have been an admirer of Jarte Plus, myself, but like you haven't used it much. For me it falls into that in-between area of not being powerful enough to handle the things Word handles, and being more than I need for simple text editing (for which I used NoteTab). Anyway, thanks for the notice about the new version.