Sunday, November 19, 2017

Nabokov's Dream Diary on Index Cards

It's well know that Nabokov wrote many of his novels on index cards (see here). The Guardian reports that a 1964 dream diary of his will soon be published. It consists of 128 index cards like this:

Apparently, one of Nabokov's main purposes in recording his dreams was recording experiments in "backwards time flow," a rather questionable notion developed by John Dunne. His book An Experiment With Time presents the view that "the human mind has the ability to rove back and forth along the time-line so that precognition is a physical possibility."[1] Not surprisingly, Nabokov's dream diary fails to establish that possibility, but it does shed light on his own rather strange theories about time in the novel Ada, for instance.

I find his use of index cards more interesting than his musings about time.

1.The book can be had at Amazon. Before you buy it, you might also look here.

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Lucas said...

Have you read Dunne? I found his book to be a surprisingly engrossing read. As an engineer, he takes an appealingly empirical approach to dreams, and his account is fascinating and thought-provoking, even if his eventual conclusions and theories are unconvincing.