Saturday, April 7, 2018

A Review of InfoQube

Paul J. Miller has written a real review of Infoqube. It's the first one I have read, and it is well worth reading.

Did it make me want to go out and try the program? No, and that even though I liked Ecco (which it tried to emulate and expand on). The reason is that I have come to believe that outlines are not the best way to store long-term information, and that I therefore like better a hypertextual approach (say wiki).

But I admit that not everyone will feel that way and that there are some that will brave the steep learning curve of InfoQube. I am too old for it.


Unknown said...

Hi. InfoQube designer here.
I agree that outlines are not always the best. That is why IQ has many display modes, tree, flat lists, 2-D Surface, Calendar, etc. Delete a parent does not automatically delete children (same as in real life...) Also, hyperlinks are everywhere (any text column, the rich text pane). If you know Ecco, there isn't much of a learning curve, really !

MK said...

I used Ecco for years. See Ecco from 1996-2000. Perhaps I should give InfoQube another trial. (I did look at it a few years ago and could not make head or tails of it.)

Unknown said...

Hi MK,

Same here. Used Ecco extensively from Sept 1993, when it came out, for a good 10 years. I wrote a few tools to extract data out using Excel. When it was clear that no more dev. would occur, I started working on IQ, extending what I saw as design limitations. Clearly, non-outliner views were a must. Ad hoc links too, including multiple parents. Finally, build-in data analysis (pivot tables) and an open database format to allow live links from other apps, such as Word / Excel. Rich text pane and robust project management came afterwards. Recently, with mobile devices being everywhere, sync was added.


Slartibartfarst said...

MK, many thanks for the heads-up re the review of IQ. Very interesting. I might well have not known about that review, had you not mentioned it.
I had reviewed it in its earlier incarnation a while back, for my own purposes. I intended to come back to it later as - at the time - it seemed to be "a moving feast" (under development) and did not meet my requirements, but seemed potentially likely to go in the direction I would have wanted.
From Paul J. Miller's review that you linked to at , it seems that IQ may have already surpassed some of my requirements.
I shall now have to revisit it!


MK said...

I have downloaded it and am using it (though not very intensely). InfoQube is certainly a worthy successor to EccoPro and a capable outliner, but I do find it difficult to get information into it. More later.

Unknown said...

Thanks for you comments on pauljmiller´s review. I didn´t know the InfoQube. When I was looking for a solution for my demands I found that review. I keep searching, and found your blog.
So, I´d like to ask: what is, in your opinion, the best app to make our informations organized? Is there anyone solution multiplatform?
Thanks for your attention, JP