Friday, April 6, 2018

Notebooks in The Guardian

There is today on interesting post in The Guardian on the notebooks of Henry James, Paul Theroux, Susie Boyt and Amit Chaudhuri. Two quotes stand out for me, one by Henry James, the other by Paul Theroux.

James found "the only balm and the only refuge, the real solution of the pressing question of life, are in this frequent, fruitful, intimate battle with the particular idea, with the subject, the possibility, the place.” And thus found his notebook almost a necessity of life.

Theroux claims: "Note-taking is not just a method for remembering. It is a way a writer tells himself, or herself, a story – and this becomes a process of life, a mode of being. Writers are constantly talking to themselves."

I find myself in my own practice closer to to Henry James. My notes do not tell a story to me—at least not directly—but then I am not a "writer", even though I write daily.

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