Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To Kindle or Not to Kindle

A nice discussion of the Kindle by one of my favorite authors:
"A New Page: Can the Kindle really improve on the book?" by Nicholson Baker in The New Yorker.

I might get an iPod Touch, after all!


Anonymous said...

I work for a small, nonprofit publisher. To sell our books through Amazon, we need to give them 55% of the retail price. They don't pay until they sell the book -- and even then, they don't pay for about 45 days. And we have to pay the shipping cost to the Amazone warehouse. In short, we lose money on every sale. So I am not exactly a fan of Amazon, and fear what the Kindle will mean for publishing, if and when Amazon has a monopoly on the digital format. I intend, personally, never to buy from Amazon again... I just hope that in a year or two there remain viable alternatives.

MK said...

I did not know it was that bad. I have heard that Amazon is also squeezing the used book sellers who sell through them.

In any case, I think people will ultimately realize that the Amazon way of delivering e-books is not to their advantage. (You can't sell or even give away the electronic copies, and they seem to be able at any time to delete things you bought already.

Eventually, people will realize this, or so I hope.

EMauro said...

Not Kindle.