Saturday, November 7, 2009

Linked Notes

Linked Notes is a Net 2.0 application.

It is a basic desktop wiki application with automatic linking of pages and WYSIWYG editing. It has basic outlining capabilities and supports export the export of single pages to txt and rtf. It's pretty slick.

On the negative side, its search capability is weak and its feature set rather limited. The search is limited to the page that happens to be open.

Linked Notes comes in two versions: one is free (and this is the one I tested); the other one costs 19.95. The paid version allows password protection and encryption, as well as export of all pages to one rtf file (for import into a word processing application). It also allows for a word search of all pages.

It's the best of the simple desktop wiki applications I know of. While it is no competition to ConnectedText, it seems much more capable than Zulupad, for instance. At first sight it looks very much like Wikidpad.

I would characterize it as "wordpad with wiki links," no more, but certainly also no less.

Will I use it? No! It's like a bike with training wheels ...

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