Saturday, November 21, 2009


Textweb is an application styled as a "hypertext notepad for windows." The manual compares it with an HTML editor only to point out that "unlike HTML editors, Textweb does not focus on the presentation of linked information. Textweb focuses on the editing of linked information as a way to facilitate verbal thinking about complex ideas and systems." It is "intended to help record and think about complex networks of ideas, things, or people, and their interactions. It is particularly helpful for those who frequently must enter new conceptual territory, and make sense of what they find there."

In other words, it a tool that allows one to establish and refine connections between ideas. It works like a Wiki. But it has not seen any development in a long time and lacks many of the features that characterizes an up-to-date desktop wiki application like ConnectedText.[1] Therefore it seems to me only of historical interest at this time.

1. See Corral floating facts and thoughts with ConnectedText.

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