Saturday, December 19, 2009

Interesting Post on Endnote and Zotero

Endnote and Zotero: "I think Zotero is superior in most respects." But see also the reference to this: "Zotero is not designed for historians, but for people who do 'research' by downloading documents or snippets from the Internet, which can be an unreliable source, and for all the blessings of the Gutenberg enterprise and Google reproductions, and Lexis, and JStor etc, historians have to encounter the primary sources where they are found, and they are mostly text. Still, in checking out Zotero I found some really cool conveniences, like the automatic downloading of a citation of a book. For me the decisive factor will be the ease of writing notes (not copying undigested snippets) and having them documented (Zotero has no place for page number, one of the most important single pieces of data in a citation)."

No further comment!


Bruce said...

That OP was misinformed on many levels. The Zotero project is, in fact, run by historians. And just because it can very easily grab online metadata doesn't mean it can't also deal with traditional paper documents.

Sean said...

Bruce is right: not only is Zotero designed for historians (and for just about every other discipline, too), the Zotero project is also actually led by historians. I should know: I'm one of them.

MK said...

Well, that is interesting ... Perhaps I should take a closer look at it (and write about it myself). On the other hand, if either one of you (or both) would like to write a "guest entry," I would be happy about that.


Unknown said...

The fact that Zotero is designed by historians does not make it useful for historians. After working more than two years with the program I can say that it is very good for data retrieval on the internet, and for building up a research data set. But for other activities, f.e. outlining and writing, Zotero is not particularly useful. For this reason I bought connected text which has both functions. Unfortunately, CT, with its primitive browser is not as fast as Zotero for finding data. So the best of two worlds would be a marriage between Zotero and CT.