Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Notation seems to be a Notational Velocity, or perhaps better, an nValt clone for windows. I came across it through a Brazilian Website´. While I cannot read Portuguese, I can make out enough of the text to see whether it talks of something that might be of interest to me. :) since my favorite program was also developed by someone in Brazil, I was interested in Notation right away.

I have not done much with it since downloading: imported my nValt notes from Dropbox (worked like a charm). I changed one of the entries, using Markdown syntax (also worked like a charm). Apparently, you can set up the application to sync with Simplenote by e-mail. I have not done that (yet).

One difference between nValt and Notation is that the Search box cannot be used to create a new entry. You use Winkey + N. Purists might mind this, I don't.

The help file is very rudimentary and information about the program can only be found through the "About" entry.

This is a very promising application. What keeps me from using it? Apart from the fact that I really don not need another note-taking application, I cannot figure out where Notation stores its files.


Anonymous said...

Any sense as to how Notation differs from ResophNotes?

MK said...

Thanks for asking. I had not looked at ResophNotes for years, partially because I had moved to the Mac some years ago, and only used a limited set of windows applications. I have downloaded it again (and much to my surprise) found it to be an entirely different application.

It runs circles around Notation (and is much more transparent in where it stores its files). Perhaps I will write a post after having used it for a little while (not that I really need it.

Rodrigo Ghedin said...

I'm glad you noticed Notation! It was made by a friend of mine based on an idea I published in my personal blog a couple years ago.

About your doubt, texts are stored at %appdata%\Notation\Notes

It differs from ResophNotes by being more simple, faster, and less complex. Anytime you need to take a note, type Winkey + N and start writing. That's it. I'm not sure if ResophNotes supports Markdown, but Notation does, and also exports notes in HTML (Ctrl + E).

It doesn't have a help file. It's something missing, really, but heavy users won't have trouble figuring out how to use it. Basic keyboard shortcuts work as expected (Ctrl + L goes to notes list, Ctrl + F searches in note, Ctrl + Shift + F searches all notes).

If you have any other doubt, please let me know ( or talk to Alison, the developer behind Notation ( Thanks for trying it!