Monday, September 29, 2014

Mou Fund Drive

I have written about the Mou Markdown Editor beore. It is a capable application that has been in beta for years. Its developer is now asking users to donate to a fund that will enable him to hire programers to create version 1.O: "Our goal is $20,000 USD. It'll be used to pay basic salary to our developers. It's enough for supporting 1 developer working full-time for 1 year, or 2 developers working full-time for half year. That'll be enough for us to finish Mou 1.0."

The minimum contribution is $10.00: In return, the contributor will get a "Mou 1.0 license + Feature requests." There are other options. See the Website for further details.

The hope is "to release Mou 1.0 in early 2015," if they reach the goal. It would be good (I believe), if they allowed contributions by way of Paypal.

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