Friday, July 24, 2015

LoneWiki: "a Lightweight Personal Wiki Program for Windows 7"

LoneWiki lives up to its promises. It "stores wiki content in raw text files and uses the Windows file system to organise categories. With stripped down wiki mark-up for formatting, the minimal amount of functionality required to help you take down and interlink all your thoughts, no prerequisites you don’t have already and no footprint beyond the content you make using it." It uses square brackets for links (but does not complain, if you use double square brackets. In addition it does headings, ordered and unordered lists, blockquotes, as well as bold, italics and underlining (even if the markup for underlining is a bit odd. Don't know of any other program that uses "=".).

"Simply run the executable, select a root folder for your wiki, and get started! New pages are created as you link to them and edit their contents." Files are saved with the "txt" extension. And they are directly accessible (not hidden like in Malkovich).

It's free. And it takes up only 20.0 KB (20,480 bytes) on disk. No install.

It does not do much, but what it does, it does well.

What I like best is a feature that allows you only to show the first line of a paragraph plus a markup command called "Expand." You invoke the feature by placing a "<" in front of the line. I also like the way it implements categories. A category is just a sub-folder on the disk. Recommended! There is no better lightweight wiki as far as I am concerned. (In other words, it beats Zim and Tomboy--at least as far as I am concerned.

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Anonymous said...

You're right, equals for italics is a weird one, but I inherited that from another personal wiki system, bLadeWiki, that I used before I built LoneWiki. Once LoneWiki had reached feature parity with bLadeWiki (at least for the stuff I cared about i.e. my existing wiki still worked as if nothing had changed), I started choosing all my own symbols for brand new features and kind of went crazy from there.

But glad to hear you like it!