Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Textexpander, Again

Received another e-mail from Smile today. Among other things, it says:
You, and other current TextExpander customers, receive a 50% lifetime discount on the new TextExpander. This brings the yearly cost of the Life Hacker plan to $20, which is comparable to previous upgrade costs ($19.95).
This option still takes away my choice and makes payments automatic. Nor do I have any use at all for the "sharing feature." By the way, Netflix just increased their membership by about $2.00 a month for long-time members. I have a limited budget for both software and video. Sorry!


Unknown said...

TextExpander Backs Down, but They’re Still Subscription-Based and You Can Do Better http://lifehacker.com/textexpander-backs-down-but-they-re-still-subscription-1770539099

Includes a low priced alternative.

MK said...

As I said before, I have not had luck with aText.